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About Advanced Hand Protection

Wearing the appropriate protective clothing and accessories for our environment is for most of us a natural part of our everyday lives.

However, when it involves our place of work, we seem to take protective issues casually and sometimes, even ignore them completely. When something goes wrong, and an incident or accident occurs that results in some personal injury, it is then that the penny drops.

The usual suspects are brought to the forefront, with inquiries and the usual recriminations flying around in all directions, as people try to pass the buck as to whom was responsible! But, is it not the simple fact; it is our own responsibility to ensure we are properly protected wherever we are and whatever we are doing?

For example; it’s easy enough to protect your hands against hot, cold, or sharp objects, such as with Kinco Kevlar Cut Resistant Gloves.

For an occupation that involves handling chemicals, then again, the correct action regarding hand protection must be taken. A visit to a leading industrial provider at will solve your hand protection issues and help prevent some potentially serious personal damage.

Select gloves that are appropriate for the type of material you are working with, taking into account the degree of protection needed, and the nature of the work involved. Also, is your contact with the material direct and do you require dexterity in using your hands, such as that offered by Guardian.

Butyl Coated Gloves! A leather glove is regarded by many as ideal protection against sharp-edged objects; for example, handling broken glassware or inserting glass tubes into stoppers.

For working in extreme temperatures, it is generally recommended that glove with insulation properties are used, but, not those that contain asbestos. Asbestos is a property subject to regulation Occupation Safety & Health Administration (OSHA).

An excellent example of a glove for this type of hand protection is the Majestic Cowhide Kevlar Gloves. In an environment of handling chemicals, consideration should also be given to the fact that glove materials can be permeated
by chemicals.

The degree of this permeation is variable, dependent on the type of chemical, glove material, and its thickness. Accordingly, double-gloving is generally advised in the event of handling highly toxic or carcinogenic materials. Care should also be taken before using the gloves; by inspecting them for discoloration, punctures,
and tears.

Hazardous machinery and materials

For employees working with or around hazardous materials or machinery, the wearing of any loose-styled clothing, unrestrained long hair or hanging jewelry is a serious

This is due to their potential to become ensnared in moving parts of machinery or in contact with chemicals. A further consideration even when wearing hand protection is that finger rings can cause damage to gloves, trapping chemicals against the skin, therefore, any limitations of protective apparel must be understood and allowed for.

It is a reason why Kinco Cut Resistant Gloves are classified as possessing extreme cut resistance from a dual layer stainless steel core. These gloves offer users advanced cut protection, without sacrificing dexterity and control!

Our hands are at the forefront of every action we make and accordingly are subject to
taking a severe beating, no matter our lifestyle. Even in the most mundane of occupations, we can hit knuckles, cut our fingers when making a snack, and subject ourselves to broken bones and sprains playing innocent games with the kids.

In different ways, our domesticated lives are a particular danger zone; so, what is that saying about our working environments and what must we do to protect ourselves! If
you are an artisan, or in any way connected with hot, cold, or sharp materials, then your next step should be a visit to

The oil and gas industry is justifiably reputed to be one of the most dangerous occupations on the planet, with a fatality rate judged to be almost eight times that of the national
workplace average! Injuries could be regarded as the rule and not the exception, not only on the actual drilling sites but across the entire industry.

This can include transportation and the refining environments. Therefore, it is considered as being an
industry in which hand protection is not an option, but a necessity!

The right options

Wearing a pair of gloves for hand protection is fine, but if they are not the right type or design or constructed from the appropriate materials and properties, then you are in
effect, wasting your money and putting yourself at risk.

It may sound a complex exercise, but in reality, it is not! As with most other products, protective gloves are
designed for specific purposes, even to the extent of multiple applications, such as in the oil and gas industry, in which comprehensive hand protection is provided against
most inherent risks.

An example of this type of hand security is Ironclad Heatworx
Reinforced gloves which combine advanced palm technology, with high dexterity, as well as a resistance to heat, cut, abrasion and shrinkage!

However, one factor that you should take into account is that of comfort, especially if you are purchasing for a
variety of worker applications. To help your decision-making, take some worthwhile time and view

Maintaining productivity in the workplace is a critical issue and providing workers with effective and efficient protective apparel that is also wearer-friendly, is an incentive to motivate their production ratios, In addition, they are more likely to adhere to regulations concerning the wearing of protective gloves, with resultant savings in accidents and time off for medical reasons.

Gloves selection should include the aspect of them being comfortable enough to wear all day and able the
worker to perform all aspects associated with a particular task(s), for example; Ironclad Kong IPWKKC Cut 5 Knit gloves, designed for the environments of oil and
gas drilling, extraction, mining, demolition, heavy construction and more.

Although in certain instances, risks may be limited, there are gloves designed for a specific purpose, such as cut protection, or flame resistance.

The advanced hand protection of today provides options to meet all performance requirements!