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It is considered critical that any man or woman serving in a military capacity is not only provided with a uniform that protects them, but also one that offers pride and a smart appearance for ceremonial and various other occasions.  They could include genuine Majestic leather gloves with the practicality of cotton pull closures and adjustable wrist straps.While the exact date for the appearance of the first military uniform is obscure, we can go back to the centurions and soldiers of the Roman Empire.

Styles, status, image and decoration associated with uniforms has varied significantly with the different countries and with time.  Many uniforms were and especially in the present day, influenced by climatic conditions, but one factor common to all of them was the protection it offered.  This has been a particular issue regarding the hands, which can critically affect the efficiency and ability of weapon handling.  Accordingly, to meet our modern-daydemands, gloves such as the Worldwide Protective Touch Screen Gloves with lightweight and form-fitting for maximum dexterity give that all important hand security.  A visit to will show you some interesting options.

Uniform dress code

A uniform dress code came into being when the concept of regimental systems, was initially started by the French army in the mid-seventeenth century.  However, the actual concept of a uniform or a clothing identity has been worn for thousands of years. An example is a trip back in time to those days of traditional army personnel on chariots with horses.  An important and integral purpose of a military uniform is present an efficient, effective military force with standardized equipment.  Today, protection for the hands, such as Majestic Heatlok Lined Gloves for cold, wet weather conditions are considered a crucial inclusion and still allow for easy and efficient movement.  Regulation uniforms are in direct contrast to any military type forces that are not controlled by a government, and who are not likely to wear uniforms.

Military personnel have a need for various types of high quality, flame-resistant clothing, as seen for example; with options compliant with determined standards.  Various industries associated with the supply of military equipment, including the protective apparel industry, have seen significant developments regarding protection, comfort, and durability in respect of flame-resistant garments.  They are visible not only in the United States but throughout the world. Of particular value are Kinco Cut Resistant Gloves, designed to provide resistance to flames, heat, and cuts, with the added advantage of being water repellent.

War in Hollywood

The action of war, costumes, and uniforms of all descriptions are an everyday sight in the world of movies and Hollywood and it can be a huge responsibility for someone to get the uniforms of an army, or some other force, correct.  This includes any gloved hand views; such as of the Kinco Mechanics Gloves.  Although the probability is that 99% of movie-goers would not notice if Clint Eastwood was wearing out of date gloves, there could be that odd 1% who would.  This can apply to other aspects of movie uniforms, such as a camouflage pattern.  It may not generally phase the fans, but for the studio perfectionists, it could be an issue and they could have the philosophy that if you’re going to do something, do it right!

However, in 1970, a decision was made by the Supreme Court that the limitation on wearing uniforms was unconstitutional.  This arose from a case brought against an actor who was convicted of illegally wearing a military uniform, performing an anti-war sketch to induction entrants.

Getting it right

The American Defense Department provides assistance to filmmakers, with emphasis on the need to display military uniforms correctly.  This corresponds to the movie makers who say they are looking for accuracy and authenticity, but mistakes can happen!  If you don’t want to make a mistake with the gloves you need; look at;  One particular instance where Hollywood got the uniforms right was in "Taking Chance," in which Kevin Bacon played a Marine officer whose uniform and ribbons were squared away.  Another show was "JAG" with the awards and decorations correct, primarily because Donald P. Bellisario the creator of the show, was a Marine.

This former Marine takes care about how his characters are portrayed in their uniforms and that includes such detail as an awareness that the Navy and the Marine Corps, do not permit the wearing of a cover, or cap, inside a building, unless a sidearm is being carried, or personnel are under arms. It is this type of attention to detail that can make a special difference and add reality to the Hollywood story.  Some basic research and attention can help Hollywood get the question of uniforms right every time, but some filmmakers either don't put make the effort, or rely on the fact that movie-goers will not notice. But, when watching and action scene, they will definitely pay attention to Majestic Fingerless Gloves!

Into reality

The ambition of most movie directors and producers is to get their creation right.  For the director, it’s a case of making a script come alive and for the producer, it generally means getting a healthy bank balance.  Therefore, when making a war, or military-themed movie it’s the people behind the scenes like   Donald P. Bellisario, among many others, whose job it is to make sure those uniforms and everything else military, is as true to life as possible.If you are looking for authenticity in gloves; go to

The image of a uniform can create a powerful and emotive effect for actors and movie-goers.  They are a symbol of so many emotions and events that are part of our history. Like any wearing apparel, they serve many and varied purposes, but for anyone behind the Hollywood scenes who has not served in one, it is a difficult task to imagine the potential importance of one small detail.