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Treating Your Dry Hands In Winter

We may all be happy with the coming of the BER months, especially that we are nearing Christmas time. However, despite the Christmas spirit being lit on fire, the cold, harsh winter is here.

Winter may not be as “cooooool” or nice as you think. During the winter season, as the temperature abruptly drops, our skin is prone to damage. The cold temperature in winter decreases the moisture in the air. The decrease in humidity makes your skin of your hands dry, chapped, and rough in the long run.

Treating your dry hands in the winter season is a must. There are several ways to protect and treat your hands and here are some of the best tips:

Keep your hands hydrated

- It has always been important to keep our body hydrated. Keep your hands and body hydrated by drinking the right amount of water. Always replenish and drink lots and lots of water.

- When hand washing, always use lukewarm and not hot water, choose a gentle or warm soap, dry your hands after washing, and then apply moisturizer.

Get Humidifiers

- The cold temperature decreases the humidity in the air. This makes the skin in our hands dehydrated and is prone to chapping.

- Some people prefer central heating systems during winter but this is not good for the skin. The hot and dry hair that the central heating system produces dries out your skin. A humidifier is better for it produces the moisture that your skin needs.

Use Lukewarm Water

- During winter, you might think that hot water is the best to use for taking a bath but that is not true at all. This is also true of the water that you use to wash your hands. This is because hot water tends to easily run down the sebum in our skin which then makes our skin lose hydration. Instead, it would be best to use lukewarm water for your hands.

Apply Sunscreen

- This is one of the worst mistakes that you would like to know, the winter sun is harsher than you think. It would be very wrong to ditch your sunscreen products during the winter season. Just because the weather is cold do not mean that you would not need your sunscreen. Ultraviolet or UV lights are always present

Apply Moisturizers

- It would be good to have your moisturizer products near you. Moisturizers help you cope up with the fast drying of your hands. Use your moisturizer every time; after a bath, after washing your hands, etc.

- It is important to choose the right moisturizer for your skin. It would depend on your skin type and the intensity of dryness that your hands experience.

Wear and Put Your Gloves On

- Add layers of clothing onto your hands. Wearing gloves every time you go out on the harsh cold winter is a must. These safety gloves help protect you from severe cold. It is always good to use safety gloves or winter gloves in every outdoor and even indoor activity.

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