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Safety Glasses: Eye Protection thru Safety Eyewear

Your eyes are precious. You get to see everything that there is. However, your eyes are vulnerable and are at risk, especially during work, to dirt, hazardous objects, harmful chemicals, and much more.

According to Prevent Blindness America, around 900 000 people per year get their eyes injured.  About 80 percent of the eye injuries are at work, 15 percent are at home, and 5 percent are due to sports. There are still thousands more unreported cases.

Studies show that 90 percent of all eye injuries could be prevented with the use of safety eyewear and proper eye protection. To protect your eyes, Scotty’s Gloves offers you wide-ranged varieties of safety eyewear for eye protection. In this Scotty’s Gloves site, featured here is safety eyewear which passes the standards of the American National Standards Institute or commonly known as ANSI.

Examples of occupations which need safety eyewear include:

  • - Carpenters
  • - Plumbers
  • - Welders
  • - Machinists
  • - Laborers