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Majestic Gloves: One of the Nation’s Leading Supplier

There are many dangers that can be encountered in a workplace and might put your body, especially your hands, at risks. To protect your hands from cuts, burns, and even from chemicals, safety gloves should be worn at all times. These are some of the general benefits of wearing safety gloves :

  • - Hand protection from chemicals and biohazards;
  • Hand protection from cuts, punctures, and abrasion hazards;
  • Hand protection from impact injuries;
  • Hand protection from heat and arc hazards;
  • Hand protection from severe weather and extreme temperatures;
  • Hand protection from persistent vibrations;
  • Prevents needle injuries;
  • Prevents loss of fingers and hands;
  • Hand protection against temperature changes;
  • Prevents absorption of hazardous substances;
  • Prevents infection from biological substances;
  • Hand protection from sprains and fractures;
  • Gives comfort while working;
  • Enhances skills in performing tasks; and
  • Enables completion of tasks in a shorter span of time

Being one of the nation’s leading brand, Majestic Glove offers you a wide variety of gloves for your safety needs.  Majestic Glove is one of the newest members of the International Safety Equipment Association or ISEA and American National Standards Institute or commonly known as ANSI. This guarantees that Majestic Glove gives you genuine service and quality products.