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Fire-resistant Glove

What is the fire-resistant glove used for?

Temperature is vital, especially if the consumer or user’s work is under a very high temperature or heat. Human as we are, our hands can melt in a certain temperature and if not, one could feel pain. From the name itself, fire-resistant safety gloves aid to support the hand and protect it from any possible injury from the heat. Fire resistant hand protection gloves technically prevent injuries that may occur under high temperature. To avoid any accidents or burn injuries, it will be best for anybody who works with high temperature to wear safety gears or equipment all the time. Hence, always wear your fire-resistant gloves.

What are the important things to consider in wearing and buying a fire-resistant glove?

  • - If the heat under work or usage is dry or moist
  • - If the place you are exposed to the heat is either thermal or atmospheric
  • - If the flame or spark is open and present
  • - Most importantly, it must be noted that the person has adequate knowledge of the specific temperature for usage of the fire resistant glove. This is to ensure that the specific fire-resistant glove will definitely suffice and aid the hands from heat.

Who usually benefits in wearing or buying fire resistant gloves?

Basically, it must have been a given that the one who uses fire resistant are the firefighters. Firefighters are responsible and aim to aid victims of any fire outbursts. It is the firefighters who get into the fire to save things that can be saved. Therefore, it is vital for the firefighters to protect themselves to save someone or something. Fire resistant gloves allow them to engage in activities without fear of melting themselves.

What is the different material used in a fire-resistant glove?

  • - Woven fabric of aramid fiber blend over a fiberglass core yarn
  • - Cotton
  • - Silicone
  • - Nylon/Latex & More

It is vital for the consumer to know the product of the specific fire-resistant glove to ensure its capabilities to aid and not make things worse for the consumer.

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