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Driver’s Gloves Page

Why use driver’s gloves?

Driving with your car, bicycle, motorcycle, or any kind of vehicle might be an easy thing to do. If you think you won’t need hand protection or safety gloves when you are driving, then think again. There is always a risk every time you drive, life is uncertain, it would be wise to wear safety equipment like hand protection. Gloves can help you perform better driving. For example, if you are having sweaty hands, there are gloves that aids to increase the grip of your hands.

Here are some of the benefits that you may get when wearing driver’s gloves

  • Increased grip and control
    • - If you are one of the people who have a hard time having the right grip and control, then you should wear driver’s gloves. Example are people who have sweaty hands. They find it difficult and uncomfortable to navigate well.
    • - Of course, driver’s gloves give you this certain amount of grip which helps you maneuver easier. If you are involved in fast driving, like racing, control is very vital. Just one wrong move, it might cost you your precious life.
  • Protection against crashes
    • - When you are about to fall, usually on bicycles and motorcycles, with or without an initial velocity, we are prone to scratches. To protect your hands, wearing safety gloves will be a necessity.
    • - During falls, especially bicycle or motorcycle falls, safety gloves will be necessary for hand protection. Driver’s gloves help you protect the joints in your hands. It also helps protect the bones of your hands from dislocation.
  • Protection against vibration
    • - When you are driving a bicycle, motorcycle, car, or any type of vehicle, the machine will involve vibration. Your arms, hands, and fingers are prone to vibration damages, one of the most common problems is Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome or commonly known as HAVS.
    • - The sad thing about developing vibration injuries is that the injuries are permanent. This means that once the injuries are developed, it can no longer be cured by medical or surgical means. Thus, it is vital to know that you are prone to these kinds of injuries within this type of working environment. If you can already see or feel symptoms regarding vibration injuries, do not ignore it and do the necessary steps to prevent it from getting worse.

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