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Winter Gloves

Winter is considered to be the coldest season of the year. There are so many things that you might want to do during winter which includes fun activities, daily routines, and even work. However, winter may not be as nice as you think. During the winter season, as the temperature abruptly drops, our skin is prone to damage. The cold temperature in winter decreases the moisture in the air. The decrease in humidity makes your skin of your hands dry, chapped, and rough in the long run.

Treating your dry hands in the winter season is a must. There are several ways to protect and treat your hands and here are some of the best tips :

  • - Keep your hands hydrated
  • - Get humidifiers
  • - Use lukewarm water
  • - Apply sunscreen
  • - Apply moisturizers and
  • - Wear and put your WINTER GLOVES on

Winter Glove Features :

  1. Lining
    • - A lining or a liner is a material used to the preferred amount of warmth needed in the gloves.
    • - Liners basically works like of an insulation: it traps body heat and helps maintain the warmth.
    • - As your body heat warms up in the air, the warmth gets trapped with the help of a liner.
    • - The amount of heat which is contained depends on the quality and property of the liner.

Some of the options for glove liners :

  • Polypropylene liners
    • - Polypropylene liner is considered to be the most popular type. This type of liner helps your hands maintain warmth while transporting moisture away from your skin which helps maintain your skin dry.
    • - However, a pitfall of Polypropylene type of liner is that it does not have the capability to offer a lot of additional warmth.
  • Thermolite liners
    • - Thermolite liners are also called thermal insulation. This type of liner is a little bit heavier weight fiber.
    • - This type of liner is washable and easy to dry. It claims to be 20% faster to dry compared to insulating fibers.
    • - However, Thermolite is ideally good for temperatures as low as 5 degree Celsius. If your environment is colder than that, you should go for Thinsulate type of liner.
  • Thinsulate liner
    • - If you are going to be involved in an activity which might make your hands be wet, this type of liner will be the best for you.
    • - Thinsulate type of liner helps your hands warm even though if they are already wet.
    • - However, the pitfall of this type of liner is that once it’s wet, it can not be removed. It will stay wet for that particular day.
  • Silver Liner
    • - Silver liner uses a different principle to keep your hands warm. Silver liner traps heat by using metallic threads of fiber. These metallic threads create a barrier which reflects and retains body heat, thus, keeping your hands warm.
  • Silk liners
    • - If you are a fan of using natural products, then silk type of liner will be best for you.
    • - Silk is considered to be the best natural material for a liner. It is super light, warm, and manages moisture well.
    • - However, silk liners a little bit more expensive than other man-made types of liners.
  • Merino Wool
    • - This type of liner is also a natural type of liner.
    • - The notable feature of this type of liner is that it has excellent breathability.
  • Electric Glove liners
    • - This type of glove liner is considered to be the warmest type.
    • - However, this type of liner may have wires or and batteries. Also, this type of liner may be heavier and more expensive.

Water Repellent Gloves

    • - When you are working with an environment which might make your hands and or gloves wet, searching for a completely waterproof glove will be essential.
    • - Searching for water-repellent liner will be easier though. This will help make your hands warm and maintain warmth.
    • - However, you should take this into consideration. If your liner is waterproof, sweat will be trapped inside the gloves, thus, this might make your hands wet as well.
    • - This is where moisture-wicking liners come up. Moisture-wicking liners aids in helping sweat from your hands. However, you will need to change the liners throughout the day.


  • - Dexterity is defined to be the skill and ease in - performing tasks, especially with the hands. You should always check the dexterity when choosing between gloves and mittens.
  • - There is a trade-off between dexterity when you consider insulation, lining, and or waterproof ability.
  • - Considering how much dexterity needed for certain tasks is important. It is not recommended for glove consolidation when each of the tasks needs a different level of dexterity but if you want to buy multi-use gloves, look for a highly-dexterous one so that it can also be easier to use in areas that do not need that much level of dexterity.
  • - It will always be important for you to completely control your hands to increase convenience. 

Guide and Tips for Choosing the Right Gloves

  • Activity
    • - First things first, you should know what activity you would be doing. You should know what characteristic of gloves you need. Like for example, ask yourself if you need it to have the good dexterity or do you need to focus more on insulation. Knowing the climate is also vital to the choice you will make.
  • Material Composition
    • - Different materials mean that the safety gloves are made for different purposes. You would need a glove made of leather for high abrasion resistance and a string-knit safety glove for cut resistance. You need to consider the palm coating when selecting a multi-use safety glove in order to improve the grip and the puncture resistance. Each palm coating has its own strengths and weaknesses and it can also make them compatible with a touchscreen. Thus for winter activities, it would be best to pick thick and layered gloves.
  • Breathability
    • - Yes, you might have good waterproof gloves that protect you from the water or the temperature outside, but what about from the inside sweat? You do not want that the problem would be from the inside, would you?
    • - Breathability allows you to get that amount of air good enough for your hand to feel nice and not too hot. If waterproof protects you from the outside, then breathability will help you feel fresh from the inside.
  • Touch-screen Compatibility
    • - The technology today allows your gloves to be touch-screen compatible. These include the fingers and palms. This would let u be able to use your smartphones, tablets, and other touch-screen operated devices without using your bare hands. This is best used in winter where it is so cold for your bare hands to be used.
    • - Touch-screen compatibility is usually featured on gloves which are light to medium weight.
  • Gloves and Mitts with Heating Systems
    • - With our current technology, there exist battery-powered heating systems. This is frequently used especially during the winter season. This allows you to have that warmth you need during the cold season. However, since it is more advanced, it cost more and even heavier as well.

Bra Fitting Tips

  • Correct-fitting and size
    • - Always consider to pick the right size and fit.
    • - Always be comfortable with anything you wear.
    • - Safety winter gloves are worn for hand protection. Wearing the wrong size and the wrong fit might do you otherwise.
    • - Wearing the wrong size and fit might give you inconvenience and might as well restrict your movement. This might lead to unwanted injuries and might even do worse.
    • - Size includes the covering capability. Do your gloves cover just your hands? How about your wrists? There might be activities that suggest covering your wrists like in winter, during snow sports, it would be essential to cover them as well.

Common Mistakes/ Problems and Quick Fixes

  • - Do not buy the wrong size
  • - Having the right size for your hand is the best way to wear the winter gloves. You will not like it when it is too big and when it is also too small. If it's too big you will have difficulties in handling objects. If its too small you will be very uncomfortable because you feel like your hands are squeezed in.
  • - Do not buy substandard gloves
  • - This is one problem that everyone tends to leave it be. Substandard gloves are not good for you. You want to wear winter gloves but instead of protecting you from the cold weather, it makes your hands very cold. It would seem like you have not worn any gloves.

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