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What is the Best Brand of Gloves?

Figuring out what the best brand of a glove is basically subjective. There is a wide-range of choices when it comes to choosing the best brand of gloves.

However, on a general note, for me, the best brands in the glove industry includes Majestic Glove, Kinco, Edge, and Red steer. The mentioned brands produce their gloves perspectively. They might have specializations and distinctions on the properties of their corresponding gloves.

Moreover, for the record,  I would like to say that Majestic Glove is the best glove brand in the glove industry. In this blog, we will be discussing why Majestic Glove is considered to be the best glove brand.

This blog helps you understand and know why Majestic Glove brand produces the best gloves for you.

Majestic Glove : the Best Glove Brand

Being one of the nation’s leading brand, Majestic Glove offers you a wide variety of gloves for your safety needs. Majestic Glove has been certified by TÜV SÜD since 2003.

Also, Majestic Glove is one of the newest members of the International Safety Equipment Association or ISEA and American National Standards Institute or commonly known as ANSI. This guarantees that Majestic Glove gives you genuine service and quality products.

Why Majestic Glove?

Factors and Features

When looking into gloves, there are factors and features that should be taken into consideration. With these factors and features present, one can say that a particular brand produces a quality product.

Here are the factors to consider when you are looking for a universal glove:

  • The Working Environment and its Hazards
    • - Areas should have similar temperatures and have similar hazards such as cut, puncture, or back-of-hand impact. Wearing safety gloves that are designed in cool temperatures cannot be used at hot temperatures and vice-versa.
  • Glove Material Composition
    • - Different materials mean that the safety gloves are made for different purposes. You would need a safety glove made of leather for high abrasion resistance and a string-knit safety glove for cut resistance. You need to consider the palm coating when selecting a multi-use safety glove in order to improve the grip and the puncture resistance. Each palm coating has its own strengths and weaknesses and it can also make safety gloves compatible with a touchscreen.
  • Additional Glove Features
    • - Some safety gloves have additional features such as an anti-impact safety glove made for industries like oil and gas that have a lot of similar activities and threats from one application to another.
  • Glove Dexterity
    • - Considering how much dexterity needed for certain tasks is important. It is not recommended for safety glove consolidation when each of the tasks needs a different level of dexterity but if you want to buy a multi-use glove, look for a highly-dexterous safety glove so that it can also be easier to use in areas that do not need that much level of dexterity.

The following are some of the other factors and features to be considered in choosing the right work gloves or safety gloves to wear in a certain workplace:

  • - Grip ability;
  • - Flexibility;
  • - Resistance to abrasions;
  • - Resistance to punctures;
  • - Resistance to tears;
  • - Resistance to cuts;
  • - Comfortability;
  • - Chemical permeability;
  • - Temperature and temperature changes; and
  • - High and low voltage

It is safe to say that Majestic Glove exhibits these factors and features and might even offer more.This list will give you an idea on how to weigh things out. It will help you and give you an idea of why Majestic Glove brand is the best glove brand. Once these factors are noted, you have to answer and have these following questions in mind;

What activity will your gloves be used for?

  • - Knowing what certain activity that you will be doing will help you determine the factors and features that your gloves should have.
  • - Ask yourself, among the factors and features presented above, which properties should be present on your gloves? Also, among the factors and features that you have chosen, which one would you like to be emphasized the most?
  • - Different brands of gloves might have different specific feature specialization.
  • There are gloves which were made for specific functions. Knowing the function of these gloves will greatly help you in choosing the right gloves. Also, this will help you determine which kind of Majestic Glove glove to buy.

    After asking these two questions, you already have figured out what factors and features your gloves should have. From this, you may now search on the Majestic Glove official website or other websites that legally sells the said brand like Scotty’s Gloves. Use the filters to narrow down your choices by going back to the factors and features that you have considered. Now that you are done, it is now time for you to pick what gloves you want. Pick from varying color, sizes, and styles.

    What does Majestic Glove offer?

    On the official Majestic Glove page,, on the “hand protection” page, there are product categories. The following are some of the variety of gloves that majestic glove offers:

    • - Drivers
    • - Mechanic Styles
    • - Leather Palm
    • - Winter Lined
    • - Cotton
    • - Knit
    • - Cut and Puncture
    • - Synthetic
    • - High Visibility
    • - Welding
    • - Impact Protection
    • - Small Size
    • - Specialty

    What benefits will you get when choosing Majestic Glove safety gloves?

    Majestic Glove brand provides innovative quality gloves that will suit any glove-related activity. Safety gloves not only covers and protects your hands but it also helps you do your work both efficiently and effectively. The following are the general conveniences that you can acquire while using Majestic Glove safety gloves:

    • - Hand protection from chemicals and biohazards;
    • Hand protection from cuts, punctures, and abrasion hazards;
    • Hand protection from impact injuries;
    • Hand protection from heat and arc hazards;
    • Hand protection from severe weather and extreme temperatures;
    • Hand protection from persistent vibrations;
    • Prevents needle injuries;
    • Prevents loss of fingers and hands;
    • Hand protection against temperature changes;
    • Prevents absorption of hazardous substances;
    • Prevents infection from biological substances;
    • Hand protection from sprains and fractures;
    • Gives comfort while working;
    • Enhances skills in performing tasks; and
    • Enables completion of tasks in a shorter span of time

    Where can you purchase Majestic Glove?

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