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USA Gloves sold by the Dozen

When working in a factory or riding a horse, we use different accessories for safety measures, one of these accessories is a glove. Its important to invest in a durable and high-quality USA gloves.

These multi-purpose gloves cover a wide array of functionalities that can almost support every type of heavy working duties, riding passions and even protection from harmful chemicals.

These gloves are known to be proven reliable all over the world with the highest review from different customers. To know more about these USA gloves’ specifics and where to purchase, we have listed some of the top-rated branded gloves you can browse here at Scotty's.

Worldwide Gloves

- These gloves by the dozen are typically developed for home improvement heavy duties and
various chores that can withstand sharp items that can potentially harm the bearer.

- These highly functional gloves come with all sorts of features. Touchscreen compatibility, Rated ANSI level 5
and 3 for cut resistance, increased in grip capabilities, and a perfect fit designed for a more
comfortable experience.

- In addition to this, these gloves have a prolonged longevity greater than
those regular ones.


- These types of gloves are not your ordinary gloves. They are made from natural deerskin that has very soft and supple texture and can fit well into your hands.

- Due to its lightweight features, these gloves are perfect for picking up small objects with ease. If you are in love with riding, these gloves are perfect for you.

- The Sullivan’s are not only for general use, also for all sorts of riding desires. It comes with a stylish fringe that adds elegance when riding a bike or a horse. Needless to say, this product is the best fit for you when it comes to merging both of your work and hobbies.


- These Butyl Coated types of gloves are perfect for protection against chemical handling. Since Butyl has the highest permeation to gas and water vapor, these gloves are designed to resist different harmful chemicals such as Ketones and Esters.

- With a curved hand design for comfortable and better dexterity, these gloves comprise maximum protection from chemical substances and sorts.

These USA gloves can be purchased easily by pairs, or if you prefer gloves by the dozen, here at

Whether you seek for protection or style, we can assure you that these gloves
are carefully manufactured to obtain both the purpose of efficiency and durability.