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For a various outdoors people the pending arrival of the colder season signifies the ending of some of their preferred activities, but, the question is; does it have to? If you are appropriately prepared with the right outdoor clothing and equipment, including hand protection in a form, such as Heatlok Lined Gloves, you can pursue your outdoors adventures the whole year. With a soft, comfortable, multi-layer of Thermotec® fleece and an inherent windproof barrier, these are winter gloves, designed to protect and keep your hands warm, day and night. In addition, they offer reinforced, high grip palm and finger panels, to give you dexterity and make them suitable for any task.

The idea is to get protective apparel that gives you quality protection, which means considering various aspects of your outdoors ventures in cold climates.  You should be seeking capable materials that provide you with a high level of performance. The materials, from which multi-layers are manufactured as well as any limitations, are important factors in your preparation, as is the maintaining of a significant core temperature, in conditions regarded as, extreme! Examples of this are seen in the Majestic Deerskin Fleece Gloves with a breathing and stretch construction.

Being prepared is a logical action in any type of outdoor activity; such as hiking and exploring in the mountains, with temperatures in the freezing zone. If you have not prepared for this and are not wearing layers, plodding through the snow will soak the bottoms of your jeans wet. This creeps up your pants until you can feel it on your skin up to the height of your knees. A visit to is an experience in how to protect your hands, but, it should be remembered that rapid heat loss is associated with the presence of water. Although not similar to being fully immersed in a volume of water; you lose heat faster than usual. Kinco Axeman Lined Mittens keep your hands warm and dry, due to polyester and moisture-wicking polypropylene lining.

A characteristic of outdoor clothing, considered a significant advantage, is a loft, which has the effect of creating a dead air space, which in turn insulates your body against the cold. While cotton when getting wet has a collapse of its loft, various studies have shown that wool when wet has the capacity to retain up to 80% of its insulating qualities!  Ironclad Kong cold conditions waterproof gloves are ideal for hand protection against wind and water, being a protection designed to meet the severe demands of the Oil and Gas Industries.

For your outdoor adventures, one of the key factors in protection from the elements is that the layers of clothing you choose need to provide a defined purpose. While your foundation layer is required for insulation purposes, it is also needed to protect you from wick moisture on your body. A strong recommendation is a wool, preferably Merino, but whilst it has extraordinary insulation abilities, wears well, and is resistant to odors, it comes at a premium price! As far as protecting your hands are concerned, Kinco Axeman Lined mittens are a preferred option with ski patrols, lift operators and maintenance workers. Offering the warmth of a mitt, but with the sensation of a glove, this is quality, heavy lined full leather gloved hand protection! You can view it, with many others, at